Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! November 2017: Open Your Shoulders, Free Your Heart with Carrie Owerko, Kristin Olson, Melina Meza & Chrys Kub

Practice for Neck and Shoulders: Connect and Unwind with Carrie Owerko

Many of us use our hands and arms for work, which can leave the upper body tight and even achy. Release holding patterns in your neck, shoulders, and arms in this practice as you elongate and activate these areas, getting the blood flowing. In this practice with Carrie Owerko, you’ll also mobilize and stabilize shoulder girdle to nourish the tissues around these joints.

Open the Shoulders and Free Up Tension with Kristin Olson

Because most of us sit slouched over a computer or steering wheel for much of the day, the shoulders tend to round forward. This is exacerbated by the tension we hold in the trapezius muscles. This class with Kristin Olson will prepare the shoulders to open, creating more space in the shoulder girdle.

Shoulder and Neck Care: Practice for Strength and Mobility with Melina Meza

If you often sit in front of a computer, stare down at your phone, or slouch at the wheel in the driver’s seat, this class is for you. Join Melina in a practice designed to help open the front of your body, correcting postural imbalances and providing relief for a tight, achy neck and shoulders. You’ll also start building strength in your shoulder girdle and gaining an increased range of motion.

Myofascial Release 3: Releasing Shoulders with Chrys Kub

This third class in Chrys’ series of yoga practices for myofascial release focuses on unleashing the effects of gravity and shaping up your shoulders. Chrys shows you how to release the upper body to improve your breathing and create greater freedom and stability in your shoulders.

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