Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! November 2018: Yoga for Myofascial Release: Bodymind Ballwork with Ellen Saltonstall

Bodymind Ballwork and Yoga for the Shoulders and Neck

This video focuses on releasing excess tension in the tops and fronts of the shoulders. It’s all too easy to fall into a shoulder-forward slump, and over time, the connective tissue of the body hardens to hold that posture. Ellen guides you through a series of exercise to counteract this habit, and to gain strength so you can have good alignment in your daily life and your yoga practice.

Bodymind Ballwork and Yoga for the Knees and Feet

In this video, Ellen Saltonstall guides you through a series of exercises that relieve pressure on the joints of the knees and feet. Using a combination of her signature Bodymind Ballwork and Yoga, Ellen shows you how to activate and lengthen the muscles that can compress the knee, ankle, and foot joints. By working through this practice you will enjoy more freedom of movement and be prepared for poses that put weight on these joints. 

Bodymind Ballwork and Yoga for the Lower Back and Hips

We often carry layers of tension in our back and hips. This can impact our alignment and, over time, lead to chronic back pain and decreased mobility. In this session, Ellen guides you through a practice that massages out the muscles of the back and hips, relieving pain and improving range of motion. With this practice, you’ll also come into a more integrated way of feeling these muscles, which will allow you to use them more efficiently when practicing yoga.

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