February, 2021 Monthly Practice Series – YWE Course Bonus

Yoga for Beginners: Strength and Mobility Basics

15 Minute Yoga Flow

Have just a little time for practice? This short and sweet 15-minute practice gives you a breather and allows you to reconnect with your body and with the earth. You will finish, feeling restored and nourished.

Flexible Spine and Strong Legs

This class introduces greater freedom of movement in the spine using Table pose (for relatively healthy knees), and progressive movements to bring strength and balance to the legs with supported lunges and Warrior pose. Relaxation, Pranayama and meditation are included.

Simple Morning Yoga Flow

This gentle but stimulating practice will help wake you up, warm you up, and get you going. Melt away the grogginess and bring the energy of the new day into your body. A good coffee replacement (or add-on), this practice has been designed by Cyndi to perk you up and put you in a good mood.

Backbends for Beginners

This practice is designed for the beginner and older beginner yoga student who is new to backbending. Julie lays the foundation of how to practice backbends and teaches everything you need to know to practice these energizing poses safely and effectively. Julie has expertly crafted this practice to first warm up the shoulders and core muscles, preparing your body for the deeper stretching that will take place later in the class.

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