February 2022: Yoga is for EVERY Body

Upper Body Flexibility Practice with Baxter Bell

Flexibility is one of the four key life skills for healthy aging. Dr. Baxter Bell has designed this practice to increase the range of motion you have in your shoulders, upper back, and neck area. Each one of us is dealing with our own flexibility issues, which have likely been stable for some time. Through this video, however, we can actually start to influence our flexibility, and loosen joints that may have become stiff.

Cultivating Strength and Integrity of the Body and Mind: Bandhas and the “Core” with Marlysa Sullivan

The concept of the “core” is often used to address safety and strength of our body,  but what is the mysterious “core”? In Yoga the core is taught through the concept of the bandhas, or locks. It is these locks that stabilize and protect our body as we move. In this class, Marlysa explores the engagement of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles through the practices of Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha to create safe, effective and healing movement. You will be led through experiences and postures to understand the spectrum of engagement that can be accessed in the core. We will also explore the practice of stablility of the body as a window into creating one-pointed focus and stability of the mind to create clarity, calm and presence in our lives.

Moving Meditation—Reconnect with Your Body with Richard Miller

Think of this BodySensing practice with Richard Miller as a moving meditation that will allow you to tune in, move away from thinking, and meet yourself as you are. The practice of BodySensing cultivates a subtle level of awareness by letting go of the form of the pose, and instead tuning into the sensations it elicits in the body. Suitable for all levels, this class will leave you feeling renewed, and reconnected with your body. 

Yoga at the Wall with Rhoda Miriam

A Yoga For Slow Living℠ gentle practice designed to help you slow down and move mindfully. The class is divided into two segments using the wall as a support for your practice. Standing poses encourages stretching of the spine and strengthening the legs. Supine poses offer inversions (legs up the wall) to help reverse the effects of gravity. Relaxation, pranayama and meditation are included.

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