July 2019: Yoga Reset: Deepening the Breath with Douglass Stewart, Puy Navarro & Gabriel Halpern

Moving Meditation with Douglass Stewart

Join Douglass to experience the power of linking the breath with slow, fluid movement. This is a breath-oriented Vinyasa flow class that moves slowly and meditatively, giving you time to more fully experience an intimate connection between the poses and the breath. 

Breathe and Restore with Puy Navarro

This class with Puy begins with a few gentle asanas to relax neck and shoulders. It continues with simple pranayama and stretches to increase the flow of oxygen to the shoulders, neck and head. We finish with a restorative asana to allow the body to find natural homeostasis.

Focus the Mind and Calm the Body: Simple Asana and Pranayama with Gabriel Halpern

Hatha yoga speaks to the solar and lunar currents that course through our body, which are nothing but the two channels of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In this series of restorative postures, Gabriel will help you prepare our body and mind for the in-depth and subtle work ahead.

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