June 2022 Monthly Practice Series – YWE Course Bonus

Power Up Your Core with Ana Forrest

Building Vitality: Working with the Breath

Our breath is intimately tied to our vitality—the more it deepens, the more we can connect to our innate aliveness. This practice with Ana focuses on building vitality by first cultivating a smooth, deep breath, and then linking that breath to movement. A full spectrum flow will take you through core work, sun salutations, and standing poses, then finish with a long savasana to leave you feeling revitalized. 

Power Up Your Core, Tune Up Your Body and Mind

Our core is our physical, emotional and energetic center. In this rigorous core workout, Ana takes you through some of the key core work practices of Forrest yoga. Experience just how powerful an effect deep core work can have on your overall energy level and well-being.

Awakening Your Upper Back: Learning to Fly with Kite Hawk

The muscles of the upper back root the arms to the core, and are key to counteract the forward slumping we often fall into during long seated hours in the office. In this practice, Ana introduces Kite Hawk, a wonderful pose to strengthen the shoulder and upper back muscles, inspired by the free flight of this beautiful, majestic bird.

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