May 2019: TLC for the Back: Reduce Pain and Improve Posture with Jasmine Punzalan, Julie Gudmestad and Chrys Kub

Introduction to Backbending with Jasmine Punzalan

In this quick Hero Pose tutorial, Jasmine Punzalan teaches you how to find a neutral thigh – the foundation of all healthy backbending poses. You’ll also learn where in the spine the backbend should happen, so you can move into deeper backbends with a more understanding of proper alignment.

Posture Corrections for Back Pain with Julie Gudmestad

This practice focuses on correcting common muscle imbalances to prevent or relieve back pain. Julie starts with a series of gentle stretches to open the chest and increase the flexibility of the spine and pelvis. We then move into a series of soothing, restorative poses to facilitate the release of tension in the muscles of the low back.

Yoga for a Healthy Back with Chrys Kub

In this video with Chrys you will explore how your body moves and discover what movements you can cultivate to improve function, maintain back health, and heal discomfort. 

Yoga for Older Beginners: Focus on Backbending with Julie Gudmestad

This practice is designed for the beginner and older beginner yoga student who is new to backbending. Julie has expertly crafted this practice to first warm up the shoulders and core muscles, preparing your body for the deeper stretching that will take place later in the class.

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