October 2020: Your Secret Super Power – Keys to Building Core Strength in Yoga

All About the Core – Deep Core Activation to Support Your Yoga Practice

Core stability is a key ingredient for well-rounded asana practice and a healthy lower back. This vigorous practice will bring intelligence and tone to the muscles that support your torso and pelvis so that your limbs can move freely from an integrated center. The effects of this profound work will radiate beyond your asana practice into daily posture and living.

Developing Core Integrity – Deepen Your Connection to Your Core Muscles

Develop strength and improved balance in this class focusing on core stability to support everyday movement.

Yoga Poses That Develop Core Strength – Navasana and More!

This Navasana practice develops balance and concentration, and also strengthens some of the body’s most important muscle groups: the abdominals, the hip flexors, and the quads. Unlike ab work-outs that round the back, the poses in this video keep the torso long, strengthening the back body as well as the front and improve your posture.

Power Up Your Core, Tune Up Your Body & Mind

Our core is our physical, emotional, and energetic center. In this rigorous core workout, Ana takes you through some of the key core work practices of Forrest yoga. Experience just how powerful an effect deep core work can have on your overall energy level and well-being.

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