3 Simple Warrior 3 Modifications to Find Your Balance

Warrior lll Variation with hands to a chair for extra balance support.

Warrior 3 is a wonderfully challenging yoga pose that asks us to develop greater body awareness and strength and harnesses our ability to focus on a goal. 

Because it is a demanding yoga pose with many alignments and muscular action components, it’s important to practice with adequate support for your body. 

Try the following Warrior 3 modifications and variations, and pay attention to how each of these versions of Warrior 3 supports not only your ability to hold the pose but also informs your understanding of how to do the pose as well. 

Try These Warrior 3 Modifications to Find Strength and Balance in Your Warrior 3 Pose

Once you have sufficiently warmed up your body, try the following variations on the classic version of Warrior 3! You can practice these at home or bust them out in class.

1. Hands on a Chair Variation

Adding more of a balance element to Warrior lll modification using a chair.

You can also do this with your back heel pressed against a wall to get a real sense of how to engage your back leg.

This Warrior 3 modification helps you get a sense of the shape of the full pose and get a great lengthening stretch without having to worry too much about losing your balance! 

Yoga Pose Tips:

  • Keep the neck and spine long
  • Lengthen out through the thigh and the heel
  • Ground through the heel and the big toe mound


2. Hands in Prayer Variation

 Classic Warrior lll modification with hands in prayer position.

This version is especially recommended if you feel strain in your back when you attempt the traditional pose.

This variation shifts your center of gravity backward, taking stress off your lower back. 

Yoga Pose Tip: 

  • Keep a straight line from the heel to the shoulder


3. Warrior 3 With Your Arms Outstretched in “AIRPLANE

Dekasana or Airplane Pose variation of Warrior 3 Pose


This Warrior 3 modification also shifts your center of gravity backward and lets you use your arms a bit to help with balance. 

This version is great if you keep toppling over in the pose!

Yoga Pose tip: 

  • Don’t lock your knee

Use These Warrior 3 Modifications to Feel Strong and Stable in Your Warrior 3

These Warrior 3 modifications are excellent additions to incorporate into your everyday practice to help you find more balance and poise in Warrior 3. Give them a try, and watch how your balance, stability, and strength change as you start to find the length and strength needed to support a classic Warrior 3 pose.

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