Yoga for Beginners: Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) – Free Online Yoga Video

Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) is a foundational pose of any well-rounded yoga practice that energizes, strengthens, and lengthens the body in some very noticeable ways. It combines the legs of Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) with the upper body (torso and arms) of Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana). There are a number of reasons to practice this pose (outlined below), and to add it into your daily repertoire. Practice along with YogaUOnline’s Jasmine Punzalan with this free online yoga video tutorial. Jasmine provides subtle and powerful alignment cues to move your body safely and effectively in and out of this wonderful and challenging Yoga Posture and gain Utthita Parsvakonasana’s benefits.

Benefits of Practicing Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana)

When practicing Extended Side Angle Pose you will create length in your side body and inner thighs. The pose challenges the muscles of your thighs, core, shoulder and arms; strengthening the associated stabilizing muscles which develops a strong sense of groundedness. You might also notice some hip opening and a stretch in the spine as well. Some people also notice a boost of energy after practicing this pose as it takes a lot of effort to hold, and really gets the heart pumping and blood flowing.

It is important to watch your front knee alignment in this pose. You should direct the knee over the middle of the front foot; don’t let it fall “in”.

Setting Up the Lower Body for Extended Side Angle Pose

  1. Start in Tadasana – standing tall with the feet together.
  2. Separate your feet about as wide as your wrists. Come on to the ball of your right foot, and then pivot the right thigh open. Open the back heel the tiniest bit.
  3. Align your front heel with the inner arch of your back foot.
  4. On an inhale lift the pit of your abdomen, and as you exhale bend your right knee deeply: come into Warrior II legs.
  5. Make sure your front knee is in line with your ankle.

Adding in the Upper Body: Extending into Side Angle

  1. Inhale and spread your arms out to the side – in line with your shoulders, parallel with the ground.
  2. Now you will add the torso of Triangle Pose: reach out through your right arm and lean your torso out over your front thigh.
  3. Rest your right elbow on the front thigh, and reach your left arm straight up to the ceiling.
  4. Rotate your palm towards the side wall, and then reach the arm in line with your ear. Feel a long line of energy from your back foot all the way up through your fingers.
  5. Press your right knee back, as you firm your right buttock forward and under you; press your left leg back.
  6. Press down into your feet and as you inhale rise up to center. Parallel your feet.


Side Angle Pose, or Utthita Parsvakonasana benefits include creating length in your side body and inner thighs and can be practiced in a held or static form.

Rinse and Repeat

Make sure you follow all the steps outlined above on the left side as well to fully integrate Utthita Parsvakonasana’s benefits.

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