Tamara Hickey

After studying dance for 20 years, Tamara turned to yoga as a means of going beyond a purely physical practice to one that equally captivated her mind.

Tamara was introduced to yoga through the Ashtanga system which she studied for ten years. She decided to deepen her understanding of the practice by enrolling in a YogaWorks 200 HR Teacher Training led by Natasha Rizopoulos. Natasha broadened Tamara’s understanding of the postures through the emphasis of alignment and helped her approach the practice with more precision and thoughtfulness. She went on to assist Natasha in many teacher trainings and workshops, which she continues to do today. Tamara has also studied the Iyengar method with Patricia Walden.

Tamara’s practice and teaching reflect her belief that cultivating an awareness of the body through a breath-based practice helps to focus the mind, both on and off the mat. She specializes in teaching the foundations of the practice in a rigorous yet practical way, and offers insights that break down the poses clearly and precisely. Her classes appeal to people new to the practice as well as those wishing to return to the fundamental principles of yoga. You can learn more about Tamara at  www.tamarahickey.com

Practice Channel Tamara Hickey

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