Deborah Marcia Rubin

"If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be." ~ Maya Angelou

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Deborah is a certified Wellness Educator, Buteyko Breathing Educator, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Vitality & Health Tips Content Creator, Workshop Leader, Speaker and designer of the Clarity Process.

Deborah created, owned and operated several successful businesses, and has been teaching and coaching online for years.

Yoga asanas, pranayama breathing practices, and meditation have been an integral part of Deborah’s lifestyle for over 48 years. Her unique teaching combines the depth of yoga postures, the power of breath, and the silence of meditation to motivate and support her students in exploring their full potential.  Deborah’s teaching style is both fun and inspiring.

Deborah’s yoga asana teaching is influenced by the traditions of Sivananda, Krishnamacharya, Iyengar, and Kundalini, among others. Over the years she has had the honour of studying with notable teachers such as TKV Desikachar, Patrick McKeown, Robin Rothenberg, Julie Gudmestad, Judith Hanson Lasater, Thomas Myers, Donna Farhi, Elise Miller, Richard Miller, Amy Weintraub, Leslie Kaminoff, Paul Grilley and many more.

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, Deborah works with clients around the world.

Practices Of Deborah Marcia Rubin

You only get to study with the best.
All Levels

Sun Salutations: Lotus Bud – Beginner’s Series Practice #1

chest, shoulders, spine | with Deborah Marcia Rubin
In this segment, we practice a series of simple movements while sitting in a…
All Levels

Sun Salutations: Lotus Bloom – Beginners Series Practice #2

hips, shoulders, spine | with Deborah Marcia Rubin
Enjoy an energy yoga-break. Use your kitchen counter, the back of a chair, or…
All Levels

Sun Salutations: Empowered Light – Beginners Series Practice #3

with Deborah Marcia Rubin
Eager to get onto your yoga mat and feel energized? With this straightforward breath-centered…

Sun Salutations: Empowered Foundation – Beginners Series Practice Video #4

with Deborah Marcia Rubin
What a luscious, simple way to feel strong, agile, energized, and centered. These breath-centred…

Sun Salutations: Empowered Flow – Beginners Series Practice Video #5

ankles, hips, shoulders | with Deborah Marcia Rubin
In this segment, we add a breath-centered flowing movement to the foundation series for…

Sun Salutations: Empowered Plus – Beginners Series Practice Video #6

arms, back, hips, shoulders | with Deborah Marcia Rubin
In our final segment, we add five more posture variations to your Sun Salutations…

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