Julie Gudmestad

"Train the body. Steady the mind. Expand the spirit." ~ Julie Gudmestad

Practice Yoga with Julie Gudmestad

Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Physical Therapist

Julie has devoted her professional life to integrating the healing benefits of yoga with her medical training as a physical therapist. She has integrated decades of patient care experience with 40 years of yoga teaching into a unique teaching style, and teaches workshops throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, often focusing on the anatomy of asana or therapeutic applications of yoga. She owns a combined PT and Yoga studio in Portland, Oregon, and has published over 45 articles and columns in publications such as Yoga Journal and Yoga International.

Practices Of Julie Gudmestad

You only get to study with the best.
Adv. Beginner

New Light on Camel Pose – Ustrasana

hip flexors, shoulders, upper back | with Julie Gudmestad
In this 60-minute class, Julie guides us through a heart-opening sequence that culminates in…
Adv. Beginner

Activating and Strengthening the Hip Extensors

hamstrings | with Julie Gudmestad
While we focus a lot on the hip flexors in yoga, we rarely hear about…
Adv. Beginner

Increasing Calf Flexibility

feet/calves | with Julie Gudmestad
Improving calf flexibility is an issue for many people coming to yoga and even…

Tackling Forward Head Posture: Upper Back, Neck and Head Alignment

back | with Julie Gudmestad
With so many of us hunched over laptops and mobile phones, the misalignment of…
Adv. Beginner

Refine Your Alignment: Standing Yoga Poses

hamstrings, spine | with Julie Gudmestad
Refine your alignment in this class focusing on classic standing yoga poses with yoga-alignment…
All Levels

Strengthen External Hip Rotators and Protect Your Knees

back, hips | with Julie Gudmestad
Strengthen and release your external hip rotators in this hour-long practice with expert Yoga…
All Levels

Yoga for Healthy Hips: Strengthen and Lengthen the Psoas

back, hip flexors, hips | with Julie Gudmestad
Relieve back pain and improve posture in this yoga practice with physical therapist and…
All Levels

Posture Corrections for Back Pain

low back | with Julie Gudmestad
This practice focuses on correcting common muscle imbalances to prevent or relieve back pain.…
All Levels

Focus on Backbending for Beginners and Older Beginners

back, hip flexors | with Julie Gudmestad
This practice is designed for the beginner and older beginner yoga student who is…

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