Purchase Individual Forrest Yoga Guardian Webinars

Webinar 1: 

Abs – You Either Love Them or Hate Them! with Sandra Robinson 

Abdominals are an integral part of Forrest Yoga: they strengthen the core, get us connected to our center, heat us up and they most definitely get us out of our head! However, as teachers of Forrest Yoga, cueing abdominals can be the hardest and most challenging part in terms of getting the wording right. This webinar looks at bringing a little order into the jungle of abdominals! We will look at what kind of abdominals there are, how to cue them, in particular when to cue holding the breath and when not, and how to sequence them. Upleveling, downleveling and modifying abdominals will also be part of this webinar. 

Webinar 2:

The Functional Anatomy of the Forrest Yoga Basic Moves with Jambo Truong

We do them, we cue them, we even have to attempt to explain to practitioners from different traditions as to why we go on about them. This webinar will begin to discuss the anatomical and psychological references to the physiology AND magic hidden behind each of these basic moves. You will learn some examples that give solid reason as to why we practise the basic moves, and learn to deliver them in a way that practitioners feel empowered by taking your cues.


Webinar 3: 

Body Positive, What? How Forrest Yoga is a Body Positive Yoga Style with Erica Mather

Curious about the body positivity movement? Wondering how Forrest Yoga fits in? Wondering where YOU fit in? This webinar will go over current events and issues, and itemize the ways that Forrest Yoga promotes body positivity, and the places where we (and all styles!) could grow. Leave with clarity on all these ideas and inquiries. 


Webinar 4: 

Empowered Empath with Kiki Lovelace

Do you often feel fragmented, anxious or tearful for no apparent reason? Do you seem to need more alone time than others? When teaching, do you get flooded and feel unsure of what to do? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are likely highly empathic. Learn how to better work with your empathic nature so that you can bring your Wiser Self forward in your life, and be a current of healing and truth for those around you. In this webinar you will:

-Learn what kind of empath you are, and how you best receive information.

-Deepen your skillfulness in feeling, digesting and sorting information so you can trust and act on your intuition more quickly.

-Recognize the signs that ​you are depleting your energy (or letting an​other’s energy deplete you).

-Discover the five best ways you can support yourself as an empath.

-Get tools to uplevel your teaching (including running energy or pulling it out, speaking what’s true and “uptaking the sweetness” so you can feel nourished by your teaching and your life).

Webinar 5:

Successful Planning and Sequencing of Private Classes with Sinhee McCabe

Sinhee is thrilled to have an opportunity to share her knowledge and experience of 15 years in teaching private clients.  

Planning and teaching private classes can seem a challenging prospect, but provide such a rewarding teaching and learning experience. Sinhee will speak about the preparation of teaching private classes and also give tips on how to best approach sequencing and poses for beginners.