Building Core Strength in Yoga – It’s Not What You Think

Think core strengthening is all about painful and tedious crunches? Think again! 

The purpose of core strengthening is essentially about building core stability. This involves not just strengthening the muscles, but a functional component as well. The aim is to build the strengthe and integrity of the core to easily maintain the balance of the trunk vs. limbs during any type of movement.

How Yoga Can Build Core Strength

There are numerous ways that yoga practice can build core strength, but it’s not always in the obvious ways (think Navasana). A big part of building core strength in yoga is learning how to engage your core effectively in your practice.

Check out this sample video with Natasha Rizopoulos for a simple, but effective core strengthening variation with an emphasis on core stability.  This is an excerpt from Natasha’s online course Keys to a Healthy Asana Practice: The Art of Building Core Stability.

Looking to transform your relationship to core strengthening and enhance the stability and integrity of your core? Be sure to check out this rocking course with Natasha Rizopoulos:

Keys to a Healthy Asana Practice: The Art of Building Core Stability. 

Learn what the anatomy of the core muscles, how to strengthen all your core muscles, and how to maintain core engagement in your asana practice for maximum benefit. Your yoga practice – and your posture outside class – will never be the same!

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