New Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist Directory on YogaUOnline

Looking for a yoga teacher or yoga therapist? Or, if you’re a yoga teacher or yoga therapist, looking for a place to advertise your services? Look no further!

We here at YogaUOnline are very excited to announce the relaunch of our yoga teacher directory! The yoga directory has been down while we were doing some updates to the site, but we’re happy to have a new and improved beta version up!

What’s in the New Yoga Teacher Directory?

Our revamped yoga teacher directory features a searchable list of hundreds of yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and studios worldwide.

Students who are interested in finding a yoga instructor who specializes in a key area—for example, yoga for seniors or yoga for sports injuries—can now search directly for exactly that.

With over 30 specialty areas (including yoga for seniors, yoga for kids with special needs, and yoga for scoliosis), yoga students can find a teacher or therapist whose skill set will fit their needs, and yoga therapists and teachers can attract students interested in their unique areas of expertise.

Yoga Therapist? Display Your IAYT Yoga Therapist Credentials

Yoga teachers’ and yoga therapists’ credentials are displayed in directory searches, and IAYT certified yoga therapists are distinguished by an IAYT badge next to their name.

You can personalize your individual directory page with a banner you design yourself, or choose among our pre-uploaded banners to find the best fit. List your areas of therapeutic specialty to enable students from all over the U.S. – or the world – to find your services.

Get Grandfathered in with a Basic Listing

Yoga therapists, teachers, and studio representatives interested in joining have the opportunity right now to be grandfathered in with a free, basic listing.

Premium listings are also available and are featured at the top of each directory search to give yoga teachers, studios, and therapists more exposure to our 50,000+ monthly site visitors. Teachers, studios, and therapists interested in registering for a premium listing can sign up right now for only $127/year. If you prefer a premium listing, send us a note at

This service is, of course, completely free for yoga students and anyone searching the directory! We’re excited to help connect more yoga practitioners with teachers whose style and specialty areas are a match to their specific needs.

Register Here: Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist Directory

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