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This winter has been long, cold, and icy for us - and, frankly, we're getting a little tired of it! So, instead of sitting around beating our heads against the wall, waiting for elusive spring to arrive, we decided to get creative and move our bodies and hopefully start to lighten up all the heaviness of this season. Scroll down to find out more about each pose included in this Winter Yoga Sequence. 

A woman practicing yoga with hands to heart to help mood swings, anxiety, and depression

How Can Yoga Help Ease Mood Swings, Anxiety and Depression? An Interview with Linda Sparrowe

Linda Sparrowe is a renowned yoga instructor, and co-author with Patricia Walden of “The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health: A Lifelong Guide to Wellness.” Linda was managing editor of Yoga Journal for numerous... Read more

New Study Shows Yoga Offers Cumulative Benefits for Depression

Compelling research continues to mount showing the positive effects of yoga on depression. A randomized controlled study suggests that weekly hatha yoga classes could improve depression symptoms by over 50% in... Read more

Yoga Relieves Symptoms and BioMarkers of Depression New Study Shows

Depression affects 17 million American adults each year, and is the most significant mental health risk for women. New research shows that yoga may help to alter several symptoms and biomarkers of depression. Read more

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Pros and Cons of Depression Treatment Options

Pros and Cons of Depression Treatment Options

Many individuals fighting depression report positive changes in mood and attitude when they introduce yoga into their weekly exercise routine. Yoga for depression and yogic breathing exercises can offer a natural approach to help combat depression, whether in conjunction with other treatments or on its own. Read more

Review: Yogic Breathing for Depression

When looking for help with depression, yogic breathing can provide a solid foundation to generally elevate mood and strengthen the mind. Breathing to Beat the Blues combats depression at its source; even for those who are not depressed, the CD provides yogic breathing exercises to both clear the mind and energize the body. Read more

Review: Amy Weintraub - Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieving Suffering

" The yoga mat is a good place to turn when talk therapy and antidepressants aren't enough. " -Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression Read more

Urban Yogis: Yoga for Peace and Compassion

The first lesson was about Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. It grasped my attention because it was talking about how they had won a war without actually taking heat into the war and fighting things. Read more

How Science Supports Yoga as a Cure for Depression

Zoloft, Prozac, and many other infamous antidepressants have had thousands, if not millions of dollars funding research on their benefits. At the same time, what may be the world’s best depression treatment remains consistently under-tested and under-advertized, namely because there’s no company that stands make enough money off of it to support its promotion. Read more

New Hope for Depression: A Recent Meta-analysis Suggests That Yoga Can Help

Most of us will experience the blues at some point in our lives. Generally those feelings of sadness pass after a relatively short period of time. For some, however, those feelings persist for weeks, months, or even years. Read more