April 2020: Cultivating Upper Body Strength – Keys to Mastering Arm Balances with Doug Keller, Natasha Rizopoulos, Kate Heffernan & Kristin Olson

Practice for the Wrists in Weight-Bearing and Arm Balances with Doug Keller

Strengthen your wrists and keep them healthy by developing the habits necessary to prevent pinching and problems down the road. Whether in Downward Dog or more vigorous arm balances, Doug guides you in proper wrist alignment and health in these weight-bearing postures.

Keys to Transforming Your Vinyasa Part 1 – Tackling Chaturanga with Natasha Rizopoulos

How do some practitioners flow seamlessly from pose to pose? Discover the essential actions and alignment that will transform your classical Vinyasa with a ripple effect throughout your practice. Natasha Rizopoulos guides you through the steps to master alignment in Chaturanga, Urdhva Mukha Svanasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana and refine the elusive yet essential transitions between the three poses. Your Flow practice will never be the same.

Cultivating Strength- The Upper Body with Natasha Rizopoulos

Build the strength and confidence necessary to master arm balancing poses in this practice with master yoga teacher Natasha Rizopoulos. If you are challenged by Chaturanga, arm balances and/or inversions, this class will give you the tools to begin to make inroads.

Strengthen & Stretch: Core – Preparing for Arm Balances with Kate Heffernan 

This class features a slow flow practice building to Bakasana, Crow Pose, with an emphasis on extended Table Top, Plank, Malasana and Malasana preparation as well as Bakasana preparation with blocks.

Arm Balances 101 with Kristin Olson 

Arm balances are a family of poses that can be very elusive for many yoga practitioners. This 60-minute level 1/2 class teaches you the fundamentals of beginning arm balances, and will help you understand the actions necessary to attempt balancing on the hands.

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