April 2021: Stimulating Yoga Practices: Focus on Detoxification

Whole Body Detox: Stable, Integrated Twist Practice

Twists are known as some of yoga’s major detoxifying poses: they increase circulation, stimulate the internal organs, release tension in the muscles of the back and spine, and improve mobility. This sequence focuses on engaging and integrating the whole body in these twists, so as to gain maximal benefit from each pose.

Twisting Yoga Practice

Twists are well known for detoxifying the body, improving digestion, and toning the abdmonial muscles. In addition, twists can help mobilize the thoracic spine, that mid- to upper-back area that often tightens into a hunch as we sit at our desks. In this well-rounded twisting class, Jasmine guides you through a series of poses that build towards parvritti ardha chandrasana and cultivate the steady, even focus needed for this challenging balancing pose.

Healing the Organic Body: Generating Vitality and Energy

In this practice, the entire body will be nourished with the help of passive stretches designed to bring more blood flow to the organs. Unlike most yoga classes, whose aim is to simply stretch the muscles and connective tissue, this course focuses on specific techniques to help optimize the flow of prana (blood and lymph) through the internal organs – aiding in better functioning. When the organs perform optimally there is radiant health, vitality, and sustained energy in the entire body.

Energizing Detox Flow

This class is a rigorous flow with an emphasis on twists. We’ll use mindful and deep rotation in a progressive series designed to awaken the spine and wring out the internal organs. Prepare to leave class alert and rejuvenated with greater mobility and ease in your upper back.

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