April 2022: Yoga TLC for Your Back and Neck with Doug Keller

Releasing the Psoas Muscle for Low Back Relief

An out-of-balance psoas muscle will pull on your back, and may lead to general back pain, groin pain, or even a herniated disk. Doug explains the different effects of different types of psoas imbalances, and guides you through a series of poses to release tight psoas muscles and find relief.

Practice for a Healthier Neck

Tension in the neck, both in daily life and in poses, can lead to nagging pain, headaches, and tension running into the shoulders and shoulder blades. In this video, Doug guides you through healthy actions for the neck in poses so that you can maintain a supple neck, develop strength and balance, and find relief for shoulders and head tension.

The Four Corners and the Core in Twisting

In the low back there are a few places that are vulnerable to injury during twisting if we don’t take proper precautions. Doug explains these areas, and how we can coordinate our shoulders and hips to protect these vulnerable points and take care of our backs.

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