August, 2020 Monthly Practice Series – YWE Course Bonus

Yoga for Beginners: Strength-Building for the Lower Body

Activating and Strengthening the Hip Extensors with Julie Gudmestad

While we focus a lot on the hip flexors in yoga, we rarely hear about the hip extensors. But the action and strength of the hip extensors (particularly gluteus maximus) are vitally important in certain poses, particularly backbends. In this 40-minute class, Julie guides us through a practice showing how to strengthen the hip extensors and engage them properly in backbends.

Beginner’s Vinyasa Series: Strength Building Standing Poses with Jasmine Punzalan

An alignment-based beginner level flow introducing the strength building standing poses. This class will begin with a modified flow, building to standing poses that are effective in toning the body, and building strength and confidence.

Increase Functional Movement with Warrior III with Carrie Owerko

Important functional movements such as walking, hiking, climbing stairs, and balance in general all benefit from the actions of the standing leg in Warrior III pose. Join Carrie in this practice, which will build your strength, stability, and mobility through deconstructing and then reconstructing this familiar pose.

Cultivating Strength- The Lower Body with Natasha Rizopoulos

Ground into the body in this practice focusing on poses that strengthen the lower body. Most classes devote a great deal of time and energy to gaining more flexibility in the lower body, but not as much time to strengthening it. In this practice we’ll address this imbalance with a sequence designed to cultivate intelligent alignment and tone to the legs, buttocks, and hips.

Bonus Pose Tutorial: Ardha Chandrasana with Tias Little

Learn how to find length and strength in Half Moon Pose with Tias Little! Using the wall and a block for support, Tias will walk you step-by-step through all of the necessary alignment points and muscular actions to find master in this challenging standing yoga pose!