August 2022: Embodied Equanimity— Finding Your Inner Warrior with Cyndi Lee

Cultivating Santosha – Joy and Contentment

Joy and contentment is the ground of our existence, they should be our ordinary, everyday experience. Join Cyndi Lee in this practice to nourish mind and body, create stillness, and cultivate the quality of Santosha, Contentment, on your mat and in daily life.

Finding Inner and Outer Balance

We are all looking for balance – in how we maintain our life, in the balance of effort and ease, mentally and emotionally. In this practice, Cyndi explores the dance of physical balance and how it is mirrored in the dance of inner balance. She ends with a gentle breathing practice to cultivate greater inner calm and balance.

Untying the Knots that Bind Us

Untie the knots that bind you in this twisting practice with Cyndi Lee.  Twisting postures can help us purify the body and detox the organs. At a deeper level also, a twisting practice can help untie the knots that hold us trapped in negative tendencies and habitual patterns. As we detox the body, we can begin to release the stuck places and reconnect with our own innate goodness and positivity.

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