Beginners’ Series—Week 1, Part 2

Jasmine Punzalan: Soothing Evening Wind Down

Manage aches and pains caused by daily life with this practice geared towards opening the areas of the body in which we tend to hold onto tension. This gentle practice will not only bring space back into your body, but will also calm and quiet the mind in preparation for a restful evening.

Rhoda Miriam: Build Strength and Balance with Yoga at the Wall—Part I, Part II

A Yoga For Slow Living℠ gentle practice designed to help you slow down and move mindfully. The class is divided into two segments using the wall as a support for your practice. Standing poses encourages stretching of the spine and strengthening the legs. Supine poses offer inversions (legs up the wall) to help reverse the effects of gravity. Relaxation, pranayama and meditation are included.

Cyndi Lee: Short Practice to Reconnect the Mind and Body

Have just a little time for practice? This short and sweet 15 minute practice gives you a breather and allows you to reconnect with your body and with the earth. You will finish, feeling restored and nourished.