Beginners’ Series—Week 3, Part 2

Jasmine Punzalan: Shoulder Opening for Improved Posture

Upward saluting requires reigning in the hypermobility of the lower spine in order to properly open the shoulders. Learn how to isolate the movement in your shoulders in this basic pose. Memorizing this action will improve posture and functionality both on and off of the mat. 

Melina Meza: Sun Salutes—Easy on the Wrists

Sun Salutes are a foundation of any yoga practice, but with the weight bearing they demand, they aren’t always an option for practitioners feeling pain or sensitivity in the wrists. In this quick tutorial, Melina Meza provides a perfect alternative for when your wrists are in need of some extra TLC. Use this practice on its own, or as a substitute for classical Sun Salutes in any sequence you practice.

Melina Meza: Poses We Love—Building Your Downward Dog

Learn to love one of modern yoga’s most popular poses with Melina Meza. Downward dog is ubiquitous in any practice, regardless of the style, and doesn’t often get the alignment attention it deserves. This flow will warm up and strengthen the shoulders and legs for a Downward Dog your body will love!

Douglass Stewart: Deep Breathing for Relaxation, Part II

This practice highlights the breathing muscles by creating a series of poses that strengthens and stretches the diaphragm, lungs and intercostal muscles. Experience the power and beauty of the breath to transform body and mind.