Cracking the Longevity Code Bootcamp: The 5 Keys to Becoming a SuperAger

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Did you know that there is a wider difference in the health status in people 50+ than in any other age group?

Indeed, researchers categorize people above 50 in no less than five categories, ranging from frail to the so-called SuperAgers, who live full, active lives well into their 80s and even 90s.

How do you stack up on the aging trajectory?

It’s well worth paying attention to. If you are currently 50 years-old, you can expect to live another 23 years. And, if you stack the odds in your favor, you may well live a lot longer.

How do you want those last decades of your life to play out?

The good news is that we can have a tremendous positive impact on our aging trajectory – if we know how to affect it.

In this boot camp, we combine the latest findings from modern science with ancient yogic wisdom to guide you through the steps you can take to find out where you currently stand and the simple, achievable steps you can take towards becoming a SuperAger.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

* Focusing on Your Health Span vs. Life Span – How to change your aging trajectory to live out the Third Act of your life in style!

* The 5 Features of Highly Successful SuperAgers. Why do some people stay active and fully functional well into their 80s, and what can you do to stack the odds in your favor that you will do the same?

* Discover Your Structural Aging Profile: Learn some fun, easy structural aging assessments you can do on your own or with your students to get a sense of your Structural Aging Profile – without expensive testing.

* The #1 Aging Trap You MUST Avoid – It’s not what you think!

* The Top 3! The 3 most important things to add to your daily routine to positively affect your aging trajectory – without spending extra time!

* The Fascia Connection: How to maximize the benefits of yoga by integrating three fascia rejuvenation strategies into your yoga practice.

* Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Hyperkyphosis, Oh My! The underlying reason that these 3 issues trip up your aging trajectory and how to avoid it.

* Cherishing Your Wisdom Years: Become a Leader Sage – How to find meaning and purpose at any age and foster lifelong transformation.

Also enjoy 5 yoga practice videos:

  • Yoga for Bone Health with Ellen Saltonstall – Practice I & II
  • Yoga for Fascia Rejuvenation – Facilitating Lifelong Mobility with Eva Norlyk Smith
  • Yoga for Healthy Joints with Lynn Crimando
  • Yoga for Back Care: Focus on the Psoas with Doug Keller

This course qualifies for 9 CEs with Yoga Alliance.


Eva Norlyk Smith is co-founder of YogaUOnline & creator of the Healthy Back, Healthy Body program, aimed at restoring posture integrity. Lynn Crimando serves as teaching mentor for YogaUOnline’s Wellness Educator Program.

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