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“The anti-determinists want to say that DNA is a little side-show, but every disease that’s with us is caused by DNA. And (every disease) can be fixed by DNA.” -George Church

“DNA+Environment+Triggers+Chance = Your Future Emotional Health. Manage your stress by influencing your COMT gene expression.” -Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D.


Curious about what your genetic profile might look like?

And, at the same time, like most people, are you concerned that you might learn something you don’t want to know?

Don’t be.

“Genes are your best friends,” says author and health coach Dorothy Holtermann, creator of the Eat for Your Genes protocol. “There is a surprising number of ways in which we can modulate gene expression so that even if we have genetic weaknesses, they’re not necessarily expressed.”

In this free download,  Ms. Holtermann shares cutting-edge knowledge on how to apply recent findings into the factors that affect gene expression.

There are many ways we can modulate gene expression to help reduce the risk that our inherent genetic weaknesses don’t turn into some kind of chronic disease down the road. This is an incredibly varied process, Ms. Holtermann notes, and there are many layers of protection.

“Influences in our environment are constantly modulating gene expression,” she notes. “In addition, the body has several system overlays. So, while one gene may be a problem, the body has many other ways to compensate for that weakness.”

When gene mapping first came out, only people who could afford the $15,000 price tag could get their genes mapped. But gene mapping is much more accessible today, Ms. Holtermann notes.

Common services like 23andme and don’t just offer general reports. Within those reports is a raw DNA file, which you can access and download to get a complete picture of the specific genetic variants you have.

You will then be able to see if you have variants that could present problems – if you don’t know how to work with them to modulate the risk.

Ms. Holtermann offers the example of certain variants of the COMT gene, which has a huge influence on how well we respond to stress.  The COMT gene is responsible for making an enzyme that breaks down stress neurotransmitters and hormones. As such, the COMT gene is a factor in how easily you recover from stress.

We all have different variants of the COMT gene, Ms. Holtermann explains. And that in turn determines how easily we restore balance when we are exposed to stress.

It’s extremely valuable to know which variant you have, as your COMT variants can help to determine whether you are a “Worrier” or a “Warrior,” Ms. Holtermann notes. And that in turn lets you understand how to work with instead of against your natural propensities to maximize emotional resilience.

The COMT gene also is involved in determining our personalities and dispositions, because the enzyme it codes for regulates neurotransmitters involved in short-term memory, planning abilities, behavioral inhibitions in addition to our reaction to stress, so it’s an incredibly important gene, Ms. Holtermann notes.

Ms. Holtermann also discusses the many ways we can counteract negative effects from COMT gene variants via diet and mindfulness techniques like yoga, meditation and vagus nerve regulation. She shares a specific technique to impact stress levels via vagus nerve stimulation.

You may also be interested in Dorothy’s course, Cracking Your Genetic Code: Movement, Nervous System Resilience, and the Vagus Nerve.

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Dorothy Holtermann, CHHC, founder & creator of Eat For Your Genes System, CEO of Nurture Nature Nutrition & Author of Love Food that Loves you Back, an early pioneer of nutrigenomics, dedicated to embracing ancient wisdom.

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