Free Download! Creating Presence & Fostering Gratitude: The Power of Restorative Yoga

Dec 14 & 14

In this free talk, Judith talks about her pioneering work with restorative yoga and why integrating restorative yoga is such an important part of our practice. We live in a time where most of us have become disassociated from the important signals from our body. This is a form of somatic amnesia, Judith says, in which we relay heavily on the brain and the thinking mind, but cut ourselves off from the body.

Restorative yoga is one of the most important parts of yoga, because it can help reset mind and body and reestablish in us a more natural connection with our body and the element of time, notes Judith. One of the benefits of restorative yoga is that we become still enough to tune in to the sensations of the body. Sensations are the thoughts of the belly brain, Judith notes, and they are more in touch with nature and life around us than our brain.

When we give ourselves this gift of presence, we get wonderful benefits afterwards.

In This Talk, Judith Discusses:

  • The one feature of your yoga practice that you can carry off your mat to transform your life
  • The 3 arches of Bridge Pose
  • How to integrate pranayama into restorative yoga and Judith’s favorite pranayama practice
  • How long to make a restorative yoga practice and how many yoga poses to include
  • Best ways to help students deepen into the pose and become more present with the practice.

Judith also offers a preview of her new book and the course she has coming up on YogaUOnline on The Art of Practicing and Teaching Restorative Yoga.

Also, be sure to check out Judith’s course: Nourish & Rejuvenate – The Art of Practicing and Teaching Restorative Yoga.

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The practice of yoga is fundamentally an act of kindness toward oneself. This idea is often forgotten, but not by Judith, whose approach is warm, non-judgmental and responsive to individual differences and needs.

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I appreciate the work you do very much. Keep it up! You really raise the bar for yoga education. I will savor all the material on my Dashboard.
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Your website is a blessing to guide me deeper into my personal practice and my teaching practice.
You are doing a great service! I live in Mexico and your on-line events have been a terrific way for me to stay in touch with yoga colleagues and continue learning from teachers of the highest caliber.
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