Free Download! Dump the Slump: Optimal Spine Alignment and Why It Matters


If you struggle with text neck, shoulder pain and the beginning of forward head posture, or know someone who does, this talk is for you!

Text neck, a slouching posture, and forward head are so common as to be almost epidemic.

It may seem like just a cosmetic inconvenience. But in reality, text neck and forward head posture trigger a cascade of problems in the body, which in the long term set you up for back pain, neck and shoulder pain, disc issues, and much much more.

The ancient yogis put great emphasis on optimizing spinal alignment. In fact, they viewed the spine as the central channel for life force energy, or prana.

In yogic terms, on an energetic level, a slumped forward posture disturbs the flow of Prana, or vital energy in the body.

On a physical level, for every inch the head moves forward, it adds 10 lbs of weight to the head that the body has to carry.

This puts chronic strain on the muscles and ligaments in the shoulders, neck, and upper spine, which in turn sets up a cascade of changes in the body.

The increased pressure on the bones of the spine and discs often causes the bones and discs to break down faster, leading to degenerative disc disease and bone spurs, and osteoarthritis.

Forward head posture may even progress to the dreaded dowager’s hump as we get older.

Reversing this trend doesn’t happen overnight. But yoga contains numerous tools and techniques to begin to build greater posture awareness, counteract forward head posture, and dump the slump.

Check out Doug’s course: Counteracting Forward Head Posture – Yoga for Optimizing Spinal Alignment

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