Free Download! The Fascial Web – Movement Strategies for Healthy Fascia


In recent years, new research has transformed our understanding of fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds all structures of the body, and the role that fascia plays in movement.

Contrary to previous assumptions, movement is not the result of individual muscles that contract and work in isolation. Rather, muscles are part of a body-wide fascial web, which connects and wraps around the entire body.

In this free talk, yoga therapist and somatic movement practitioner Yasmin Lambat, founder of the Lambat Body Sensing Method, discusses what is currently known about the role of fascia in movement.

With aging, trauma, or lack of use, the fascia can lose hydration, limiting movement and predisposing us for joint problems, back pain or other chronic pain issues over time. Yasmin discusses key strategies for keeping the fascia hydrated and the best movements to release, rewire and restore fascial hydration to lay the foundation for lifelong healthy movement.

Also check out Yasmin’s YogaUOnline Course: BodySensing: Myofascial Release for Yoga Practitioners.

Yasmin Lambat is a fascia-informed somatic movement therapist and educator, registered with ISMETA  She is the founder of SomaSensing, a fascia tuning therapy that taps into fascia as a sixth sense.

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