Free Download! Yoga 2.0 for Midlife Empowerment: Your Top 3 Keys to Fostering Healthy Aging


How can we build a sustainable yoga practice that will serve our needs throughout life?

With the focus in many yoga classes increasingly on fast-paced Vinyasa practices, how do we make yoga our own, and build a Yoga 2.0 practice, i.e. yoga for the second part of our life?

And, which are the specific things we need to integrate into our practice to ensure that a sustainable yoga practice at the same time becomes deeper and more rewarding?

Dr. Garner is one of the most well-rounded professionals in the yoga community today. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in the therapeutic applications of yoga for the aging body, she offers a unique integration of the ancient yogic wisdom with cutting-edge Western science on how to sustain health and wellness over a lifetime.

In this free download, Dr. Garner goes into the following topics:

  • Why is yoga one of the prime techniques we can use to lay the foundation for enhancing health and wellness as we get older?
  • What does Yoga 2.0 – yoga for the second part of life look like?
  • Which is the #1 pose group that you should avoid unless you’ve learned to practice it safely?
  • Which are the top 3 features you can integrate into your yoga practice to make sure that your practice gets deeper – and more rewarding over time?

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Dr. Garner is a physical therapist, published author, and educator. She received her master and doctorate degrees from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1998 and 2016, respectively.

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