Healthy Back, Healthy Body: Yoga for Flexibility and Back Pain Relief


The health of your back and spine influences all aspects of your life. The spine is the central channel of the nervous system. When your spine is healthy, the pathways of the nervous system are strong and clear, and vital energy flows unimpeded, creating maximum vitality and wellbeing.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling with low back pain, this series of yoga exercises for low back pain is for you. The gentle yoga stretches for the back in this series are designed to release tightness in all the major muscle groups that affect the health of the low back.

Improving the health of your back will not just help prevent back pain, but will also enhance your overall health. The spine is the central conduit for the flow of information, energy, and vitality throughout the body. Nerve impulses flow less freely through a rigid spine. This weakens body functions and the internal organs. By keeping the spine supple, nerve flow will remain strong and your health optimal at any age.

3-Part Series to Help Relieve and Prevent Low Back Issues

This yoga download gives you three short routines, ranging from 20 to 38 minutes, which you can practice to help relieve and prevent low back issues.

  • Gentle yoga stretches to help release tension in the muscles that affect the health of the lower back
  • Special muscle energy stretching techniques help maximize benefits and greatly increase flexibility
  • This soothing routine helps calm mind and body, reduce stress, and improve long-term back health

Download 1. Yoga for a Healthy Back: Low Back Pain Relief-Long

This easy, deeply relaxing series of yoga stretches for low back pain relief targets long-held tension in the key muscles that affect the health of the lower back, including the hamstrings, glutes, rotators, and more. By gradually dissolving chronic tension in the legs, hips, pelvic area, yoga stretches can help eliminate common root causes of back pain.

This gentle yoga routine uses special stretching techniques to maximize benefits and greatly increase flexibility to ensure that the yoga stretches provide maximum benefits.

Download 2. Yoga for a Healthy Back: Low Back Pain Relief-Short

This is a shorter version of the above routine for the times when you just want a simple, 20-minute routine for relieving back tension. The yoga stretches for back pain in this video are useful not just to relieve back pain; they also have a deeply calming and relaxing effect on mind and body, reducing stress and improving your overall well-being.

Download 3. Yoga for a Healthy Back: Core Strengthening

Keeping the spine fluid and flexible and the core strong are two key components of keeping the back healthy and relieving back pain. This practice includes a series of ab strengthening exercises that gently engage the core posture support muscle, useful both for relieving back pain and laying the foundation for long-term back health.

Join yoga therapists Terry Smith, Ph.D. and Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D. founders of, in these simple, yet profound yoga practices. The yoga stretches in these routines have been adapted to be accessible to all age groups, and to beginners as well as more experienced yoga practitioners. Having a range of routines to work with ensures that work to relieve back pain from several different angles. It also gives you maximum flexibility according to your body’s needs and how much time you have available.
These exercises are intended to provide gradual, long-term relief, they are not suitable for people with an acute case of back pain. And as always, before beginning an exercise program, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor first.

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Eva Norlyk Smith is a co-founder of YogaUOnline & creator of Healthy Back, Healthy Body, a series of therapeutic yoga courses. Terrance R. Smith, Ph.D., RYT 200 has extensive training in bodywork and myofasical release.

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