Journey through the Core: How to Reap the Many Benefits of Core Strengthening – Wednesday Track


We all know that having a strong core is important. However, most people are not completely sure what the core is, nor how to best go about strengthening the core. And unfortunately, most approaches to core strengthening get it wrong and can even be counter-productive.

For example, most people think of crunches when they hear the word core strengthening. However, crunches are actually not the best way to strengthen the core, and they can result in an imbalanced core which in turn can lead to poor posture.

There are numerous benefits of having a strong core, so it’s well worth learning how to maximize the benefits of core work. The core is not just our physical center, it is also an important emotional and energetic center.

In this course, get to know your wondrous core through a series of yoga practices aimed to build awareness of the individual muscles of the core, while also teaching you how to engage and strengthen the core muscles in a holistic and balanced way.

Julie has devoted her professional life to integrating the healing benefits of yoga with her medical training as a physical therapist. She has integrated decades of patient care experience with 40 years of yoga teaching.

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