What’s Holding You Back? Biomechanical Traps That Trip Your Yoga Practice and How to Overcome Them

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Struggling with finding correct alignment in your yoga practice?

Most people do. The sad reality is that most yoga students struggle with finding ease and comfort in yoga poses. Many poses are difficult, and our tendency is to muscle our way into poses in an effort to “do yoga” the way we think we should.

This creates discomfort, and can even set you up for injuries. And it gives you exactly the opposite experience of what yoga is supposed to create: Ease and comfort.

Of course, most yoga teachers will try to offer cues for correct alignment. However, for the most part they don’t succeed, and often even make problems worse.

Why? Because alignment issues in yoga have their root in common biomechanical traps that affect some 90% of practitioners. And most yoga teachers don’t know how to avoid these traps.

Instead, they try to correct alignment after the issue has occurred. But that’s like trying to fix your car after an accident has occurred, instead of preventing it from happening in the first place.

You see, the dirty little secret of yoga is that most yoga teachers haven’t been trained to help you avoid the common biomechanical issues that trip us up in our practice. This takes special knowledge and skills, and these are just not included in most yoga teacher trainings.

Want to learn how to overcome this issue and get to those Instagram-ready poses – without all the struggle?.

With extensive training both in the Iyengar system of yoga and physical therapy – plus their 40+ years of teaching experience, Julie Gudmestad and Hope Fyfield are a rare, one-of-a-kind team offering state of the art yoga training.

This course offers a rare opportunity to learn how to avoid the common biomechanical issues that hold you back in your practice, and advance your yoga practice safely.

What’s Holding You Back in Backbends?
Learn about why backbends tend to be among the most challenging pose groups and how to find greater ease and comfort in backbends – without getting a sore low back!

What’s Holding You Back in Twisting Postures?
Twisting postures are extremely important to keep the spine fluid and flexible. But they can be counterproductive when done without proper consideration to spine biomechanics and vertical alignment. Learn how to avoid common alignment issues in twisting posture and keep your practice -and your spine – safe.

What’s Holding You Back in Forward Bends?
Forward bends can be among the most soothing and relaxing yoga postures. Or NOT! For people with tight hamstrings and hips, it’s difficult finding ease and comfort in forward bends. And since forward bending is required for numerous yoga postures, including Downward Dog and Triangle Pose, this is often one of the main things that trip people up. Learn the biomechanical origins of misalignment in forward bends and how to overcome common issues.

 What’s Holding You Back in Standing Postures?
Standing poses are incredibly important for building strength, balance, and neuromuscular integration. But most standing postures are complex, involving joint movement in several different planes, and as a result, they tend to be a pose group where most alignment issues happen. In these two sessions, learn how to build your standing poses from the ground up and how to use standing poses to create a formula for facilitating joint health, core strength and neuromuscular integration.

What Is a Yoga Wellness Course?

A Yoga Wellness Course is a series of sequential practices woven around a common theme.

Unlike most yoga classes, which have a random focus, each session is structured to build on the previous one, so you learn in a progressive, systematic way to maximize learning and integration.

This approach is important for creating the body memory and retention that will create a long-term foundation for integrating strength and balance training into your yoga practice and teaching.

This course qualifies for 8 CEs with Yoga Alliance.





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Julie Gudmestad, PT, C-IAYT  Julie Gudmestad has been active in Portland, Oregon, as a yoga teacher and licensed physical therapist for over 40 years. / Hope Fyfield, PT, E-RYT 500 – Hope took her first yoga class ever from Julie Gudmestad in 1979, and was immediately inspired and intrigued.

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