Make Your Yoga Asana Come Alive! New Yoga Functional Anatomy Software Shows What Happens Inside Your Body


Ever wished you could explain your students exactly which different muscles are engaged in yoga postures? Ever wanted to see for yourself what happens inside your body in different yoga asanas?

Now you can! Yoga Functional Anatomy, created by yoga teacher and physical therapist Gil Solberg and kinesiologist Amit Gal Alon is a new, cutting-edge software that can add a whole new dimension to developing body awareness. The software enables you to look under the skin and directly observe the anatomy and posture of the body during yoga workouts.

What you will gain:
• Deepen your understanding of how muscles stretch in each position.
• Watch in accurate and spectacular 3D as you reveal core muscle movements and postural problems that can be corrected through proper yoga technique.
• Gain the ability to identify typical postural tendencies and how to respond to individual student’s needs.
• Learn how to evaluate the underlying causes for postural challenges and simple ways to help your students break old movement patterns and develop a healthier posture through proper yoga practice.

Whether you are a yoga teacher or yoga practitioner, the precise anatomical analysis of classical asanas offered by this software will help you develop body awareness and look at your yoga practice in a whole new light!

Thousands of yoga teachers around the world are benefiting from this database of detailed professional information, improving their teaching skills, and better facilitating their student’s development.

Important note: The purchase is for private use only and gives you 6-month online access to the software and updates. You will receive an email with log-in details to download the software.

What People Say
I have seen a lot of products that try to do some of what you have done, but Yoga Functional Anatomy really gets it right in many key areas where others fall short. 
Roger Cole, PhD, Scientist, Author, and Iyengar Yoga Teacher

One of the best courses on yoga anatomy out there! Not just anatomy but modifications for students in almost every possible pose and also on top of that exercises to re-correct most anatomical misalignments. And it’s all done as simple and as effortlessly as possible. I’m sure anyone trained in Yoga Therapy would benefit from a wonderful program you put together. I will continue to share on it and keep up the great work!
David Ibrahim, Divine Yoga, Los Angeles, California

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A teacher of movement and of yoga, Dr. Gill Solberg graduated from the Zinman College at the Wingate Institute with a specialization in posture disorders. During his advanced studies he specialized in clinical kinesiology.

$47/ Lifetime Access

You are doing a great service! I live in Mexico and your on-line events have been a terrific way for me to stay in touch with yoga colleagues and continue learning from teachers of the highest caliber.
Arielle N.
Your website is a blessing to guide me deeper into my personal practice and my teaching practice.
I appreciate the work you do very much. Keep it up! You really raise the bar for yoga education. I will savor all the material on my Dashboard.
Barbara P.