Sequencing for Essential Beginner Yoga Poses


Sequencing for Essential Beginner Yoga Poses

Walking into a yoga class can be intimidating. It often seems that everyone in the room already knows how to do all of the poses perfectly. And the class moves so fast there isn’t time to stop and ask questions.

This is why we decided to create this library of 8 Essential Beginner Yoga Pose Sequences. We want you to feel confident that you understand the foundations of each of these beginner yoga poses and think these sequences will do just this.

The journey of mastering yoga poses goes something like this: one day a pose is not accessible to you, you practice and it just isn’t happening. But then a few months or years later your body is ready and the pose opens up for you – like magic your body is able to do this once impossible yoga pose.

What happened is you built the foundational strength and body awareness needed to slowly move towards the pose. This is the same journey all those advanced yogis in class have been on – you just can’t see it when you first arrive in class. Rest assured each yogi that looks so effortless in class has spent countless hours practicing just like you. They have tried and failed difficult poses at home, at yoga class – slowly they grew their practice to where it is now.

It all starts with the basics – these are what we think are the 8 Essential Beginner Yoga Poses to start you on your journey.

Learn the Skills You Need to Excel!

Each of the 8 yoga pose sequences is available in a downloadable PDF format. Skim through the entire sequence first, and then practice the poses with the detailed instruction and guidance included.

You get to keep these PDFs forever, meaning you can always come back to them at anytime.

What You Get

Inside each of the 8 yoga pose reports is:

  • an in-depth look into the mechanics of the pose
  • a series of 6 preparatory poses to help you grow the strength and flexibility
  • tools to build the body-awareness needed to feel more confident in your yoga practice

6 Prep Poses + Detailed Analysis

Each yoga sequence has been thoughtfully crafted with six unique poses including detailed analysis of each prep pose and an image to make learning easy and fun.How-To Instructions

Each sequence begins with a detailed look at the yoga pose including information about the pose that extends beyond asana practice. The sequence ends with step-by-step instructions to practice the featured pose.

What to Watch Out For

Each preparatory pose is broken down for beginner students including Practice Tips and what to Watch Out For. We also include Additional Actions for each pose to insure you get the most out of each yoga pose.

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Eva Norlyk Smith is a co-founder of YogaUOnline & creator of Healthy Back, Healthy Body, a series of therapeutic yoga courses. Terrance R. Smith, Ph.D., RYT 200 has extensive training in bodywork and myofasical release.

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