Somatic Yoga for Fascial Unwinding

Healthy Aging

Join James Knight through explorative somatic practices to help you unwind from stressful life experiences stored in our tissues (muscles and fascia).  

Fascia is the interconnected fabric of embodiment. It is a body-wide communication matrix, and it’s the largest sensing organ of your nervous system. When we’ve had accidents, injuries, or other stressful life experiences, the fascia can become sticky and crinkle up (adhesions). This inhibits freedom of movement and can affect our flexibility, posture, and mental and emotional states. 

Over time, we can temporarily lose voluntary control of our physiology. In Gentle Somatic Yoga®, we call this sensory motor amnesia.

Fascial unwinding is an intuitive somatic movement practice explored through consciously creating different body shapes paying attention to infinite expressions of internal felt sensation (interoception). From this place, we can either stay in witness consciousness or respond with nutritious movement and come out of sensory motor amnesia.

In this 4-session series, James will guide you into practices that will assist in learning how to self-regulate. This includes: enlivening the fascia, reprogramming muscles and the nervous system, and invite energy (prana) to flow more freely throughout the soma. Each class in the series is standalone; however, taken together, the classes are consecutive. 


Session 1: Somatic Movement Flows® that prepare the brain to learn something new, reprogram muscle groups to their optimal length in a resting position, and train the nervous system maintain a parasympathetic nervous system state. Recording available.




Session 2: Identifying in the soma (body) where there is sensory motor amnesia and awaken parts of the brain so that we can regain voluntary control of our physiology. Through learning the technique of therapeutic pandiculation, we can dismantle armoring and other defensive structures due to stressful life experiences held within the soma (all systems: mind, body, emotions, and spirit). Recording available.

Session 3: Through interoception, discover how to amplify your own Somatic Intelligence and initiate deep self-care. Recording available.






Session 4: Somatic Awakening ~ Integration of the Whole Self. Returning to an embodied “Flow State” of peace and well-being.

This course qualifies for 5.5 CEs with Yoga Alliance.

James Knight, E-RYT has been an Integrative Therapist and Yoga Instructor for over 25 years. He one of the pioneers in the field of Somatics and is certified as a Hanna Somatic Educator.

$127/ Lifetime Access

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