Tapping Into Your Well of Vitality – Yogic Techniques for Augmenting Your Life Force – Part Two

Breathing is life. Yet, few of us pay close attention to our breath in our daily lives or in our yoga practice.

When we consciously connect with our breath and explore various yogic breathing techniques, we can unlock a world of benefits. From reducing stress to improving focus, yogic breathwork is one of the most powerful (yet underutilized) tools for enhancing well-being. 

In this 4-part Wellness Yoga practice course with yoga therapist Olga Kabel, learn how to renew your vitality and find balance from within by integrating yogic breathing techniques into your practice and life.

True yoga goes beyond physical postures, notes Olga. It is a pathway to a deeper understanding of who we are and the mechanics of staying healthy and vital. Through breath, we can achieve a union between body, mind, and spirit. 

Join us for a journey to tap into your inner wisdom and use your breath as a compass to guide you there. When we bring awareness to the breath and explore various yogic breathing techniques, we can unlock a world of benefits for both body and mind. 

Conscious, intentional breathing has been shown to reduce stress, increase energy, improve cardiovascular health, boost immunity, enhance focus, and induce a state of calm presence. We can also regulate our emotional states and nervous system by regulating our breathing. The breath is a powerful tool for achieving inner balance and vitality.

Starting a routine of conscious breathwork takes patience and an openness to slow down and tune into subtle sensations in the body. And above all, it takes an experienced guide who can take you each step of the way.

In this 4-part course, you’ll embark on a journey to transform your relationship with your breath. You’ll learn foundational yogic breathing techniques and explore how to integrate breathwork into yoga sequences and daily routines. Each session will provide you with more tools to unlock the immense power of conscious breathing for improved health, performance, and inner peace.  

While connecting to the breath may sound simple, it requires training and dedication to implement safely and effectively. Each 75-minute session builds upon the last, taking you from breath basics to more advanced practices at a pace that allows integration. 

In addition to breathwork, classes focus on fully embracing yoga’s mind-body connection. You’ll gain tools to turn inward, release distractions, and use your breath to anchor your awareness in the present moment.

Renew your vitality and find balance from within through this comprehensive 4-part course on yogic breathing techniques. Join us to start utilizing your breath as a gateway to vitality and inner balance in your yoga practice and in daily life. In the course practices you will:

  1. Exercise your diaphragm
  2. Optimize your breath cycle
  3. Manage your energy
  4. Integrate your right and left brain hemispheres

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Educated as a school teacher, Olga Kabel, C-IAYT, has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and practicing yoga therapy for the past 12 years. Olga is a founder of Sequence Wiz—a membership-based electronic health records system (EHR) for yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

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