Working with the Soft Tissues – Understanding and Healing Injuries

Healthy Aging

It is in the soft tissues of the body that the alchemy of yoga primarily takes place.

The soft tissues hold the key to tremendous transformation, both physical and emotional. But the same dynamics of the soft tissues that can lead to transformation of the physical body, if pushed too far also become the key dynamics involved in injuries.

In this course, Hellerworker Anita Boser looks at what the dynamics of the soft tissue have to teach us that can improve the ability to progress in our yoga practices without causing injury or long-term wear and tear.

We will look at the early changes that precede soft tissue injuries and how you can spot them before they become an issue. We will also look at the difference between working within your intelligent edge and pushing too far, and how to work with your body to heal injuries that may have already occurred.

What You Will Learn

  • Why the same soft tissue dynamics that are responsible for transformation and increased fitness also are the ones that may predispose us for injury
  • Why there is a continuum of injury and what this means for prevention and healing
  • What are processes of healing involved in soft tissue injuries, and how can we facilitate, not hinder these
  • Which are the factors that increase the risk of injury?
  • The role of inflammation in the healing process and how to make it work for you, not against
  • What it means to work with your intelligent edge and how to find it
  • Why being self-aware isn’t always enough to be able to feel injury happening in moment and what to do in addition
  • The most effective time to start treating injury, which most people miss out on

This Course Also Includes:

  • 30-Minute Range of Motion Assessment: Increasing range of motion is one of the most important, and also most overlooked parts of healing from an injury – and of staying fully functional as we get older. To increase range of motion, we first need to discern which parts of the body have limited range of motion. In this 30-minute audio practice, Anita walks us through an series of exercises that will teach you about your body (or that of your yoga students) to discover which areas to focus on to restore full range of motion.
  • Yoga Practice Video: As part of the bonuses for the course, you will also receive an audio yoga practice with Anita, which will enable you to apply the principles learned to strengthen the resilience of the soft tissues and encourage the healing process in case you are dealing with current or past injuries.
  • Recordings of All Webinar Sessions: It’s generally acknowledged that many people only retain 10-20 percent of what they learn in a workshop. You will get access to the recordings of both webinar sessions (both MP3 – downloadable and MP4 – streaming online), enabling you to go back and listen to the workshop as many times as you like.
  • Transcripts of Both Sessions: Ever wanted to refer to a certain part of a course? Even the best note takers miss a point every so often. With the transcripts of the sessions, you can go back and refer to particularly important passages or clarify sections you were in doubt about.

This course qualifies for 3 CEs with Yoga Alliance.

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Alignment is Anita’s profession, both in her practice as a Hellerwork Structural Integrator and as a yoga teacher. She believes that alignment is a path to greater awareness, self-discovery, healing, and profound living. 

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