Yoga for Bone Health, Strength and Balance Livestream with Ellen Saltonstall

Join yoga teacher and therapist Ellen Saltonstall and learn how to develop a personalized yoga practice specifically for developing strong bones, improving your balance, and preventing fractures.

Learn how to adapt a yoga practice to meet the unique needs of people with osteopenia or osteoporosis. Ellen is a pioneer in developing safe yoga teaching methodology for strength-building poses to help build strength gradually and lay the foundation for slowing or preventing the loss of bone mass.

And, if you are a yoga teacher, this program will offer you a rich supply of ideas and techniques specifically applicable to your older students.

This series will enable you to create your own personal sequence from a menu of options based on a clear knowledge of the benefits of each type of pose for bone health and balance.  

Session 1 – Yoga for Strong Bones: Fundamentals of Optimum Alignment
This class will establish basic principles of alignment and action that will carry through all the yoga poses to come. We will apply the principles in simple introductory postures, both seated and standing.  You’ll learn how and why the details of alignment really matter, and you’ll experience how yoga practice is much more than making shapes with the body.  



Session 2
Strength-Building from the Ground Up: Building from a Strong Foundation and Core
This class is structured around a series of warmups, starting supine on the mat and progressing to standing. The emphasis is on building core strength safely and appreciating the connectedness of all parts of the body. We experience how a strong core gives us better balance and the freedom to move confidently.  


Session 3 – Practicing Yoga with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis: Adapting Common Yoga Poses for Those with Reduced Bone Density
We’ll discuss how to adapt your yoga practice to avoid movements unsuitable for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia, including avoiding dangerous movements such as fast, forceful forward bends in the Sun Salutation, seated twists, and forward bends. 




Session 4 – Yoga for Strong Bones: The Benefits of Working with the Chair
In this class, we review the chair poses from other classes and add to it with special techniques for the wrists and hands, plus supported standing poses and hip openers. 





Session 5 – Strength-Building Made Fun: Building Your Standing Pose Repertoire I
From this practice, you’ll come to a deep appreciation of the strength-building benefits of standing poses and how to sequence them for your needs.





Session 6 – Strength-Building Made Fun: Building Your Standing Pose Repertoire II – Adding Variations to Standing Poses
We’ll play with variations of the standing poses you learned in week 5, exploring how to keep your practice fresh. 




Session 7Bringing It All Together: Customizing Your Practice to Meet Your Unique Needs
In this class, we review the syllabus of poses from the course. Learn how to bring it all together to create your own sequences for variety, empowerment, and fun. 






Yoga for Healthy Hips

Enjoy a safe, healthy hip practice that takes your hips through the full range of motion. This practice is beneficial for students who want to help avoid or slow down the progression of arthritis.

Yoga for Healthy Wrists

We use our wrists more than usual in yoga practice, so it’s essential to include wrist and forearm warmups and exercises to keep them strong and flexible. Try these invaluable practice tips for improving carpal tunnel health.

Yoga for Strong and Flexible Ankles

The ankles are extremely important to our yoga practice and all our everyday activities (including good balance). Practice these ankle exercises regularly to maintain strength and stretch in your ankle joints.

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Ellen Saltonstall (E-RYT 500, C-IAYT) is a yoga instructor & body therapist based in New York with extensive training in the Iyengar & Anusara methods. She has been a practitioner of yoga & meditation for over 45 years.

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You are doing a great service! I live in Mexico and your on-line events have been a terrific way for me to stay in touch with yoga colleagues and continue learning from teachers of the highest caliber.
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My students will appreciate all the gems I've picked up from your teachers.Thank you so much!
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