Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! April, 2018: Developing Breath and Body Awareness with Richard Miller

BreathSensing – The Three Breathing Spaces

Develop greater ease and relaxation in this wonderful meditative pranayama practice with Richard Miller. Richard will guide you through a gentle mindfulness and breath practice that will leave you feeling mentally and physically restored.

Standing, Lying, Backbending and Forward Bending

In this video you’ll establish a deeper sense of ease and groundedness through this soothing, mindful yoga practice with Richard Miller.

4 Foundations, Welcoming Emotions, Cognitions and Well-Being

Dealing with big emotions can be a difficult experience. Give yourself the gift of ease with this gentle and comforting meditation practice with Richard Miller. Richard’s calming guidance will help you develop a greater sense of emotional freedom and overall well-being.

Yoga Nidra, 4 Foundations, BodySensing, BreathSensing & Well-Being

Join Richard Miller on a gentle, guided meditation that emphasizes intention, developing an Inner Resource of well-being, and developing sensitivity to the body as sensation and energy. 

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