Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! August, 2018: Body Transformations—Keys to Refining Alignment with Julie Gudmestad

Join physical therapist and yoga teacher Julie Gudmestad in these practice-refining sessions. Tune in to your body. Let it keep bringing you back to the mat. 

Hip-Opening with Standing Poses – Key Poses to Lengthen the Adductors

Julie guides you through a practice that will open up more space in your hips and lengthen your adductors, making Triangle and Half Moon more accessible. This video also places an emphasis on uncompressing the spine and moving it into a deeper rotation, increasing its mobility and suppleness. You will build a stronger foundation for future forward bends, twists, and balance poses.

Dump the Slump! Deepen Your Backbends to Improve Posture

The amount of time we spend sitting in chairs closes up our front body: our hips flex at a right angle; our arms stay low, which tightens our shoulders; our diaphragm is compressed; our chest dropped; and our mid-back flexed. It’s no wonder we face a challenge with backbends! In this video, Julie demonstrates how to open the front body and stretch out all those tight areas. 

Building Strength: The Importance of Warrior Poses in Building Strength and Resilience

Julie leads you through a practice that will tune and enhance your Warrior 1 and 3 poses. This practice builds flexibility and strength, but it also builds the heat within us that can burn up old habits, preconceptions, and blocks that hold us back. Attention to opening the hips and shoulders increases mobility and prevents the common problem of low back compression in these poses.

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