Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! July, 2018: Four Keys to Healthy Aging with Dr. Baxter Bell

Yoga for Healthy Aging: Upper Body Strength Practice

Strength is necessary for both our health and our ability to do things we enjoy in daily life. Overall strength keeps our joints stable and gives us freedom to engage in a wider variety of activities without feeling drained or tired. In this video, Dr. Baxter Bell focuses on developing the strength of your arms, shoulders, back, upper body, and chest.

Yoga for Healthy Aging: Upper Body Flexibility Practice

Flexibility is one of the four key life skills for healthy aging. Join Dr. Baxter Bell in this practice to increase the range of motion you have in your shoulders, upper back, and neck area. Each of us is dealing with our own flexibility issues, and through this practice, we can actually start to influence our flexibility, and loosen joints that may have become stiff.

Yoga for Healthy Aging: Easy Balance Practice

As we get older our balance often will gradually worsen, which can lead to falls and fractures in our later years. However, if we work on balance regularly we can maintain and even improve our overall balance. This practice has been designed by Dr. Baxter Bell to help you build balance so that you can continue to move through life with safety and ease. 

Yoga for Healthy Aging: Easy Agility Practice

Agility is essential for healthy aging—it allows us to move through time and space with coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. If you’re looking for a gentle introduction to developing agility, this is a great place to start! Dr. Baxter Bell uses a combination of dynamic movement and static, held postures to cultivate agility, improving our body’s ability to adapt to unexpected changes in our environment.

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