Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! June: Safe Hip Opening for Everyone with Julie Gudmestad, Doug Keller & Natasha Rizopoulos

Hip Opening with Standing Poses – Key Poses to Lengthen the Adductors with Julie Gudmestad

Julie guides you through a practice that will open up space in your hips and lengthen your adductors. This practice places an emphasis on uncompressing the spine and moving it into a deeper rotation, increasing its mobility and suppleness. You will build a stronger foundation for future forward bends, twists, and balance poses.

Practice for the Challenge of Sitting for Meditation: The Hip Flexors and the DFL with Doug Keller

Sitting in meditation can challenge the lower back and hips. Tiredness or weakness of the low back causes the hip flexors to engage more, which can tighten them and create even more challenge. Doug guides you through a practice to open your hips and strengthen your lower back, inner thighs and hip points.

Open Your Hips with Natasha Rizopoulos

Discover the essential principles that will transform your hips and create greater freedom in all of your postures. Natasha guides you through standing, seated and supine poses to increase your range of motion. You’ll release your hips and finish class empowered to continue the opening throughout your practice.

Melt Away Tension with Wide-Leg Seated Forward Bends with Julie Gudmestad

Forward bends allow for deep release, peeling off layers of physical and muscular tension. Through this practice, you should feel more mobility in your spine and ribcage, which will improve your posture and deepen your breathing. Julie also offers preparatory options that make the benefits of these poses more accessible.

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