Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! March: All About the Hips: Keys to Alignment in Hip Openers with Natasha Rizopoulos

On the Wall: Foundations of Alignment in Standing Poses

Most wide-legged standing postures, like the Warrior poses, Triangle, and more require considerable flexibility in the hips. When that is not present, alignment often suffers. Learn how working with a wall can help lay a solid foundation for better alignment in standing postures. In this rigorous series of standing poses on the wall, you’ll find a combination of strength and flexibility in your hips that will astonish you. You’ll feel the effects throughout your practice, but especially in arm balances and inversions.

On the Mat: Keys to Safe Hip Opening

When we open the hips, we are essentially learning to separate the movement of the thighs from the movement of the pelvis. Discover the essential principles that will transform your hips and create greater freedom in all of your postures. Learn how to use standing, seated and supine poses to increase your range of motion in all directions to release your hips. You will finish the class empowered to continue the opening throughout your practice.

The Role of the Hip Flexors in Yoga: Creating Flexibility and Strength

One of the first things many students discover when they start practicing Yoga is how tight their hip flexors are. Whether the culprit is a sedentary or a very active lifestyle, this imbalance effects postures AND posture and can lead to lower back pain. In this short, focused practice we’ll start with basic anatomy and the alignment principles that address the issue. We’ll then move through a progressive series of hip openers that you can practice independently or integrate into a longer practice. Your lower back will thank you.

Putting It All Together: Freeing Body & Mind with Hanumanasana

In this deep and progressive practice, Natasha explores the dual hamstring and hip flexor lengthening that is key to Hanumanasana. Hanumanasana is a great pose to help you cultivate both physical heat and mental quiet, and even if you only do an approximation of the final pose, you will find this practice increadibly freeing for both body and mind.

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