Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! May, 2018: Yoga for Back Health: Creating Core Stability and Core Integration with Doug Keller & Chrys Kub

The Core and the Sacrum: Principles for Practice

A common problem for many yoga practitioners is SI joint pain, which can arise when the sacrum gets destabilized. In this pratice, Doug Keller shows how to maintain stability in the sacrum by engaging the core. Doug explains the key principles and actions for activating the core to safely support greater mobility in the lower back.

Yoga for a Healthy Back: Creating Mostility – Mobility & Stability for Optimal Functioning

In this practice you will explore how your body moves and discover what movements you can cultivate to improve function, maintain back health, and heal discomfort. 

Protecting the Low Back in Twisting Postures

In the low back there are a few places that are vulnerable to injury during twisting if we don’t take proper precautions. Doug explains these areas, and how we can coordinate our shoulders and hips to protect these vulnerable points and take care of our backs.

Yoga for Myofascial Release: Awaken Your Core

The class in Chrys’ series on myofascial release focuses on awakening your core. Chrys takes you through foam-rolling techniques and yoga postures targeted to the lower body, then continues through a series of core stability practices to strengthen your center.

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