Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! May: The Core, the Bandhas and Pelvic Alignment with Doug Keller, Marlysa Sullivan, Kate O’Donnell & Claudine Beeson

The Core and the Sacrum: Principles for Practice with Doug Keller

A common problem for many yoga practitioners is SI joint pain, which can arise when the sacrum gets destabilized. In this Practice Tutorial, Doug shows how to maintain stability in the sacrum by engaging the core. Doug explains the key principles and actions for activating the core to safely support greater mobility in the lower back on our practice.

Cultivating Strength and Integrity of the Body and Mind: Bandhas and the “Core” with Marlysa Sullivan

The concept of the “core” is often used to address safety and strength of our body, but what is the mysterious “core”? In Yoga the core is taught through the concept of the bandhas, or locks. In this class, Marlysa explores the engagement of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles through the practices of Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha to create safe, effective and healing movement. 

Focus on Bandha with Kate O’Donnell

Bandha—a subtle engaging of the lower abdomen and floor of the pelvis—is an integral aspect of the Ashtanga method for stabilizing the mind and body. Kate begins this practice with a “cross-training” exercise to help find the regions of uddiyana and mulabandha, then uses specific imagery and constant reminders to engage the center of the body not only in the postures, but in the dynamic transitions between them. 

Hot Hot Hot! Heat Up Your Core and More with Claudine Beeson

Turn up the temperature with this strong, dynamic flow designed to engage all your muscles while paying special attention to the core. Follow Claudine as she starts with a review of Ujjayi breath and then leads a practice that creates a detoxifying heat around your lungs and solar plexus that will carry you throughout the flow. 

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