Enjoy Your Monthly Practice Series! September 2017: Breath, Balance, Body, & Mind – Awakening the Prana Body with Sarah Finger, Douglass Stewart, Richard Miller and Kristin Olson

Experience a Full, Deep Breath with Sarah Finger

The breath is the carrier of life force, energy, or Prana, through the the body. It is the bridge between the mind and the body and is directly correlated to how we feel. In this practice, Sarah will guide you through several exercises to experience a full, complete breath in every posture, leaving you revitalized and replenished. 

Breathing into Multi-Dimenstional Awareness with Richard Miller

Connecting with your breath is essential to the practice of yoga, and this class with Richard Miller guides you to do just that. Learn to breath into what Richard calls multidimensional awareness by extending the inhales and exhales with Ujjayi Pranayama, and see how the body opens up to its own inherent and natural sense of well-being. 

The Beauty of Breath with Douglass Stewart

This practice highlights the breathing muscles by creating a series of poses that strengthen and stretch the diaphragm, lungs and intercostal muscles. Join Douglass to experience the power and beauty of the breath as a vehicle to transform body and mind.

Open Your Heart to Free Your Breath with Kristin Olson

Many of us spend much of the day in postural habits that cause us to slouch and these habits create chronic tightness and/or weakness in the pectoral and thoracic muscles. With Ustrasana and all its prepatory poses, we can wake up and strengthen our mid-upper back while stretching and opening the pectoral muscles. Practice again and again with Kristin and your posture will improve.

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