February 2018: New Light on Your Favorite Yoga Poses with Melina Meza

Building Core Strength with Crow Pose

For Crow Pose (Bakasana) to fly, deep core muscles must be engaged and strengthened, and the outer hips need to open. In this practice, Melina takes you through the necessary steps to activate those essential muscles. She also shows you how to use a chair to access better hip opening and help your Crow Pose take off!  

A New Twist on Reverse Triangle Pose

Reverse Triangle Pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana) challenges alignment and balance while accessing back strength and spinal extension. The twist lengthens the calf and hamstring of the back leg, which can sometimes make it difficult to find the floor with the back heel. Find proper alignment by lining up the pose with a wall, support the back heel with a wedge, and lift out of the pose by resting the hand on a block.

How to Fall in Love with Downward Dog

Since it is one of the most widely used modern yoga postures, Melina created this class to help you learn basic warm-ups to carefully prepare you for an optimal Dog Pose. Taking the time to learn preparatory postures on your back or from a kneeling position will enable you to stretch more efficiently and balance for longer periods of time in your Downward Dog. 

Preparing for Safe Hip Opening with Half Bound Lotus Forward Fold

Half Bound Lotus Forward Fold (Ardha Baddha Padmottonasana) can be challenging if the hips are tight, so hip-opening exercises should be included in warm-ups. Modifications are designed to take pressure off of the knee by giving more space to the pose, letting the ankle drop lower than the hip crease, and lessening the forward bend by supporting the upper body.

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