February 2020: Yoga to Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Restorative Yoga for Deeper Rest and Greater Vitality with Judith Hanson Lasater and Lizzie Lasater

Finding Comfort: Restorative Child’s Pose and Twist

We need support. If we are going to relax, support is a key element: when we feel supported, we let go. In this class, Judith and Lizzie guide you through two key supported poses (child’s pose and a twist) that will allow you to relax deeply and surrender into support. They also explain why restorative yoga uses so many props, how props can change our relationship with the floor and our own experience.

Finding Quiet: Restorative Forward Bend

Forward bends are some of the most deeply nourishing and quieting poses, but they are also some of the most advanced poses because of the flexion they engage the lower back in. In this class, join Judith and Lizzie for a deep, restorative session with forward bends that will give you deep quiet and peace without collapsing your lower back and putting undue pressure on your spinal discs. Settle into quiet. Become a larger container of awareness in which to hold all that arises.

Finding Stillness: Supine Bound Angle Pose

Yoga is not just a practice, it is a state of being–a state in which the agitation of the mind is resolved. Most of us live with a level of chronic tension from our thoughts, whether we are worried about the future or dissecting some comment or event from the past. This practice has been designed to bring you into a state of greater stillness and presence, and to develop freedom from your thoughts: the ability to notice your thoughts without feeling agitation.

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