Here’s How to Download Your Free Talk: Julie Gudmestad: Yoga in the Wellness Revolution – The One Large Trend Yoga Teachers Are Missing Out On

Here’s your free download Julie Gudmestad! In this inspiring talk, Julie Gudmestad takes a closer look at some of the difficult questions facing yoga teaching as a profession today:

  • Are we as a profession currently missing out on some of the greatest markets for yoga teachers?
  • Are we doing enough to establish yoga as a leading resource for people seeking to improve their health and well-being?
  • And if not, is it time to think about creating a paradigm shift in yoga teaching?

We take a look at the characteristics of the people currently practicing yoga as well as the 80 million people wanting to start, but who are very unlikely to go into a yoga studio to start practicing.

This group of people represents one of the largest teaching opportunities for yoga teachers. What does it take to meet the needs of this large group of people? Julie talked about her experiences from her large yoga studio in Portland Oregon and general lessons teachers can apply. Click below to listen to the recorded session.

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